Ashley and James

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Our Story

James and Ashley met in April 2017 at the Pierson Indoor Rodeo. Ashley had received a message from Chelsea (James' sister in law) just a few days earlier asking "Sooo, how single are you?" to which Ashley replied "Basically dating my mom..". To Ashley's surprise Chelsea replied with "Have I got a deal for you! For one night only, I'm offering a 22 year old, blue eyed, blonde haired farm boy free of charge!" All Ashley could think to reply was "For free?!" Well Ashley took her up on the offer and on rodeo night James and Ashley were introduced! I think they would both agree it was one of their most awkward moments. Then, on night two of rodeo, Ashley had a few too many drinks and decided she would invite James out with her and friends. Safe to say they hit it off... and it was not a one night only deal! Fast forward three years, James and Ashley have renovated his house into their home, settled as a family with James' two daughters Orlenna and Brynlie, and welcomed a little girl of their own, Hadley Rose. On December 28, 2018 James decided it was time to pop the question. Yet another awkward experience for the two, James said to Ashley "We've been together for a long time now, so maybe we can be together for a lot longer." What girl could resist his romance?

We created this website as a helpful resource for all of the need-to-know details in the lead up to our big day! Take a look around and find out more about our venue, supper menu, bridal party and wedding day plans. Don't forget to RSVP and let us know of any dietary preferences, too.

We are so incredibly excited to share our special day with all of our favourite people and become the new Mr & Mrs Seitz! Lots of love, James & Ashley
Angela Garrick